Document for 0.1 Beta version

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Smart Stop Set is a trading platform that enables users to design algorithms easily using a drag-and-drop system called blueprint that can perform thousands of complex calculations in seconds.

Speed is the most critical key to success in the trading world. These days, many are employing bots to make the most accurate decisions in the least possible time. No one can monitor the market continuously all the time; In addition, it takes time to analyze all the conditions and make a correct decision. Sometimes only some milliseconds are enough to turn you from a winner into a loser.

Yeah, we all know that writing bots need high-level coding skills. Wait a minute, who said you need coding to can run a bot? As we present the blueprint environment, you can design complex algorithms without coding in just a few minutes. Our system creates bots that will run your algorithms continuously until you decide to stop them.

We strictly follow a set of rules to ensure your data's security, and no one, including us, has absolutely no access to your assets. All we do is send signals to your brokers, and they do the rest; we have no more access, and thus you don't need to trust us at any step of the process.

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